Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did Microsoft Just Give Up on Windows 8 for Businesses? [Windows IT Pro]

Excerpt from another insightful and provocative Paul Thurrott post
"But this much is clear: Virtually all of the major new features in Windows 8 -- the new Windows Runtime, the Metro environment with its full-screen apps, and the all-new developer APIs that drive it all -- are derived solely from the mobile world and Microsoft’s experiences building Windows Phone for smartphones. Microsoft expects a significant percentage of Windows 8 users to touch their PCs and, now, devices, and not interact with them using traditional keyboards and mice.
Will any of them be business users?
Despite my recent attempt to categorize what’s coming in Windows 8 for businesses -- and, seriously, it’s not a bad list -- it’s become increasingly clear to me that Microsoft doesn’t actually expect businesses to upgrade to this new system in any meaningful way. I believe that the software giant is taking a pass on businesses for this release, a calculated risk that enables it to more firmly focus on the consumer market that's on the cusp of slipping through its fingers thanks to Apple and, to a much lesser extent, Android."
Did Microsoft Just Give Up on Windows 8 for Businesses?
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