Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Online Project Management Tool – MetaTeam

Check the link below for more details about MetaTeam, Altova's new cloud-based project management/collaboration solution (currently available in a free and open beta)
"Although MetaTeam has a powerful and intuitive scheduling and task assignment app, it moves way beyond these straightforward capabilities to help create a collaborative environment among individual members of both local and distributed teams. MetaTeam ensures that the entire team works from the same game plan and uses the same terminology to remove the barriers to productivity and effective communication that can derail even simple projects.
By fostering collaboration and transparency, MetaTeam gives everyone on your team the autonomy they need to meet deadlines and avoid rework.
MetaTeam is designed to meet the needs of teams of any size, configuration, or function – even those spread out across the globe. Every team you create in MetaTeam is organized through focused, integrated apps engineered to create a truly collaborative environment."
Online Project Management Tool – MetaTeam
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