Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Is Time Running Out for Windows Phone? [Windows IT Pro]

Excerpt from a stark Paul Thurrott Windows Phone reality check
"Despite what will no doubt be some strong gains by Nokia this quarter, the prognosis for Windows Phone isn't good: Microsoft’s mobile platform controls just 2 percent of the market for smartphones today, and even a best-case scenario won’t see it crack the 5 percent plateau before Windows Phone 8 ships late this year.
Is time running out for Windows Phone?
Even the Windows Phone 8 release comes with some doubts. It’s based on Windows 8, and is in fact simply another version of Windows 8, which sounds good until you realize that in making this transition, Microsoft might be tossing aside some of the things that make Windows Phone so special today. I’m referring primarily to the developer environment, which today is based on an excellent and simple Silverlight toolset."
Is Time Running Out for Windows Phone?
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