Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Google Tries Again with Google TV - NYTimes.com

TV-onic convergence?
"Google said it upgraded its TV software last October to simplify the user experience, enable more content and improve search capabilities. The search giant said it aims to give television watchers “the guide of the future”—an effort that will allow consumers to search for television content—whether it be shows, movies, live concerts or Internet videos—regardless of whether that content comes from Netflix, live television or YouTube. Google TV will also harness consumers’ viewing history to make content recommendations.
In the future, Google hopes to use the television sets to beef up the audience for its Google Plus social network. Google Plus will be integrated into future iterations of Google TV so that viewers can recommend content to friends and do Google “Hangouts”—Google’s group video chat service—with their friends via television."
Google Tries Again with Google TV - NYTimes.com
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