Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elgan: How I publish from Google+ - Computerworld

Some tips from the second page of the article (which explains some options for posting from Google+ to Facebook, RSS, and Twitter)

"By using only Google+ directly, and automating the distribution of your Google+ posts elsewhere, you will gain the following benefits:
  1. Links will bring all your far-flung readers, fans, customers and others together on Google+, where everyone can have one big conversation, rather than scattering separate conversations all over the Internet that you have to keep track of.
  2. Concentrating on just Google+ and setting and forgetting all the other services saves you from "social media fatigue."
  3. Posting everything directly on Google+ enables you to cultivate a community on the fastest-growing social network while it's still in the phase where you can quickly gain a very large following."
Elgan: How I publish from Google+ - Computerworld
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