Monday, May 14, 2012

The Apple-Intel-Samsung Ménage à Trois | Monday Note

Excerpt from some timely platform speculation by Jean-Louis Gassée

2012 might be different. Intel claims ‘‘the x86 power myth is finally busted.” Android phones powered by the latest x86 iteration have been demonstrated. One such device will be made and sold in India, in partnership with a company called Lava International. Orange, the France-based international carrier, also intends to sell an Intel-based smartphone.

With all this, what stops Apple from doing what worked so well for their Macintosh line: Drop ARM (and thus Samsung), join the Intel camp yet again, and be happy forever after in a relationship with fewer participants?

There appear to be a number of reasons to do so.

The Apple-Intel-Samsung Ménage à Trois | Monday Note

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