Monday, January 09, 2012

OLPC XO 3.0 Hands On: The $100 Wonder Tablet [Gizmodo]

Final paragraph from a OLPC tablet overview (apparently it’s time for OLPC to rename/rebrand itself)

But ultimately, those are complaints that can either be addressed over time or brushed aside with the reminder that this isn't an iPad or a Fire or a Tab. Remember, OLPC's laptop project of several years ago is the progenitor of the netbook as we know it. The XO 3.0 seems inclined to play the same role for tablets. It's a product that recognizes that a healthy degree of compromise is more than worth getting technology in the hands of people who need it most and can afford it least. It's a promise, fulfilled.


OLPC XO 3.0 Hands On: The $100 Wonder Tablet

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