Thursday, August 11, 2011

HTML5 Seems To Be Gaining Momentum–BusinessWeek [GigaOM]

Check the post link below for other HTML5 momentum details

In a post, Why HTML5 Web Apps Are Going to Rock Your World, Simon Mackie said: "As technologies like HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and WebGL start to become more mainstream, not only will the Web apps we already use become more useful, but we should also see developers building Web apps that do things that previously could have only been done by desktop applications. It’s an exciting time to be working on the Web, both for the developers of Web apps, who have a plethora of new technologies and techniques to experiment with, and for users of those apps."

With Facebook set to launch an HTML5-based Project Spartan, many of us would be able to see this first hand.

HTML5 Seems To Be Gaining Momentum - BusinessWeek

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