Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Google+ is built — Tech News and Analysis [GigaOM]

My first encounter with AnyAsq, which has the tag line “Where interesting people say: ‘Ask me anything.’”

[Google+ project technical lead, Google engineer Joseph] Smarr has already answered 270 queries, and as of press time, his AnyAsq page is still open for questions. Here’s some of what he has revealed so far:

  • Google+ fast tracked its development from the start
    “We put extra emphasis on engineering speed/agility–we try to release code updates on a daily basis while still keeping quality/stability/latency as high as you’d expect from Google.”
  • New features are absolutely on the way
    “…Personally I’m eager for many of the features other Google+ users have asked for recently: smarter ranking/collapsing/filtering in the stream and notifications… integration with more Google products… and an API so I can start hacking on cool uses of circles, etc.”
  • Hashtags are on Google+’s radar
    In response to a question about adding hashtags to help filter Google+ posts, Smarr responded: “Personally, I want this too.”

How Google+ is built — Tech News and Analysis

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