Sunday, June 13, 2010

Input request: I’m thinking about starting a companion blog…

I’m thinking about starting a companion blog in which I’ll cover conceptual modeling-related topics – logical data modeling, information architecture, general-purpose problem-structuring, and other related topics (I’ll try to convince you that conceptual modeling is a path to enlightenment some other time – in the new blog…). 

This blog will remain the same – focused more on news filtering/linking than original content – although I will occasionally include some brief references/links to posts on the new blog as well.

I’ve been using Blogger for more than a decade (my original posts don’t show up in the history for this blog because I hosted the blog elsewhere for the first ~three years), and currently write posts almost exclusively with Windows Live Writer

I’m thinking the conceptual modeling-focused blog will be more elaborate, however, and also more collaborative/discussion-oriented, and that the relatively basic features in Blogger may be inadequate.  I’d also like to associate a stand-alone domain name with the blog/site, so, unlike the case with Blogger (or my back-up Windows Live Spaces blog), I’ll actually be paying a fee for the new site (at least for the domain name registration/association, to start with).

So… the input request part: which blogging service do you think is the most robustly useful today, and also relatively stable as a business, i.e., not likely to become a blog post/content roach motel?  

Any suggestions/related input would be much appreciated – please share input via comments on this post (and LMK if you’d prefer that I not make your input public – I review and approve/reject all comments on this blog).  thx

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