Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the Singularity Movement, Humans Are So Yesterday -

A timely Singularity reality check.  I'll pass on the alpha- and beta-test phases of the inevitable cranial implant options in this context, thanks (i.e., count me among the “Have-Nots,” for now)…  This is definitely a harmonic convergence morning for my information-foraging, e.g., Richard A. Clarke is quoted in the NYT article, as is Peter Thiel, a key figure in The Facebook Effect…

At that point, the Singularity holds, human beings and machines will so effortlessly and elegantly merge that poor health, the ravages of old age and even death itself will all be things of the past.

Some of Silicon Valley’s smartest and wealthiest people have embraced the Singularity. They believe that technology may be the only way to solve the world’s ills, while also allowing people to seize control of the evolutionary process. For those who haven’t noticed, the Valley’s most-celebrated company — Google — works daily on building a giant brain that harnesses the thinking power of humans in order to surpass the thinking power of humans.

In the Singularity Movement, Humans Are So Yesterday -

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