Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Platformonomics - SOA: "Never Mind"

See the full post for another timely and insightful reality check from Charles Fitzgerald

Anne Thomas Manes of the Burton Group writes an obituary for SOA and says:

“SOA” has become a bad word. It must be removed from our vocabulary. 

Coming from one of the bigger SOA enthusiasts, this is a milestone.  She attributes its death to the recession, underscoring it with the spiffy accompanying illustration.image

An excerpt from later in the post:

Revisionist history requires at least a modicum of truth and this fails to meet the bar.  Beyond a common use of the word "service", these "offspring" are all orthogonal or alternatives to SOA, not descendents.  It would be more accurate to say SOA was killed by a combination of its own failures and by the availability of lightweight, bottoms-up service approaches that addresses on real customer problems, as opposed to SOA's heavyweight, top-down, consultants by the busload approach.

Platformonomics - SOA: "Never Mind"

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