Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Better Management through Drug Abuse | Big Think | BNET

A timely reality check (and great post title) from Michael Fitzgerald; see the full post for more details

In the future, corporate drug testing will be to see if you’re taking the drugs the company wants you to take.

An argument found and posted by Nick Carr, in Managing productivity through pharmacology, holds that people should be allowed to take drugs that dull their minds to everything but the task at hand. Carr takes this as the next logical step, as a follow-on to an editorial in Nature calling for governments to allow mentally healthy people access to prescription-only drugs like Ritalin. The scientists, several of whom hold chairs funded by drug companies, think that such drugs should not be used only as correctives, but for all those who want to stimulate their minds.

Better Management through Drug Abuse | Big Think | BNET

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