Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seeking Ubiquity - O'Reilly Broadcast

Kurt Cagle's take on's Ubiquity; see the full post for more details.  Of course, with a strong IE8 in beta and Google Chrome looming large, the one thing this won't be is ubiquitous...

There are certain aspects of Ubiquity that need to be worked out - namespaces, security, user interface and the like being some of them - but the concept itself is intriguing and already useful. I'm especially intrigued to see what happens when you marry Ubiquity to the hyper-charged trace tree parsing improvements that will be part and parcel of Firefox 3.1.

Yet overall, Ubiquity is a logical move for Mozilla, and I suspect it will be a game-changer, the next step to making the browser as platform a reality. What's up on the Herd already is intriguing, though for the most part still tied into Ubiquity as a convenient "shorthand" mechanism for navigation, as is typical of brand new apps. Longer term, Ubiquity will likely end up creating a whole new class of applications that are unlike anything we've seen to date. Should make for an interesting salvo on Browser Wars II.

Seeking Ubiquity - O'Reilly Broadcast

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