Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Review: Google Chrome lacks polish under the hood - Yahoo! News

More Chrome perspectives

Yet my initial tests reveal that this "beta," or preliminary release, falls short of Google's goals, and is outdone in an important measure by the latest version of Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer.

Chrome is a challenge to Microsoft's browser, used by about three-quarters of Web surfers. But it could equally be called a challenge to Microsoft's Office software suite, because what Google really wants to do is to make the browser a stable and flexible platform that can do practically everything we want to do with a computer, from word processing and e-mail to photo editing.

The full article goes on to blame Adobe Flash for browser client performance issues, in yet another intriguing browser-big-picture point of view.  Building on the second paragraph excerpted above, in any case, there's no reason to stop with Office -- if Chrome becomes the platform for making Google Apps a more credible and compelling option, and if Chrome helps to pull other Google services, then it will help Google in attacking Microsoft Windows, not just IE and Office. 

Of course, none of this is a foregone conclusion at this point; e.g., things didn't work out so well for Netscape, the last company that brazenly sought to obviate Microsoft's primary product franchises...

Review: Google Chrome lacks polish under the hood - Yahoo! News

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