Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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A timely reality check and call to action

Most of my friends and colleagues are visibly distressed up about the current state of the Presidential election. Looking at the most recent polls, they are afraid that an Obama victory that seemed likely is slipping away. Others are angry about Sarah Palin and her undeserved popularity.

This is a time to remain steadfast and focused. Don’t let the recent events knock you off balance or shake your faith.

Polls are inaccurate. The Palin honeymoon won’t last.

By all means contribute, and do more if you can. is a great jumping off point for volunteering.

And if you have friends or family in one of the battleground states (Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada. etc.), make sure they register and urge them to vote.

Mitch Kapor’s Blog » Blog Archive » Don’t Panic

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