Thursday, August 02, 2007

Google's Grandiose Plans in the Mobile Space

Hah -- the post explains how to use Google search to gain free access to the otherwise subscriber-only WSJ article about Google's mobile strategy...

Wall Street Journal has an article about Google's plans to win the battle for mobile advertising (find how to read this article for free).


The company, which has made billions of dollars in Web advertising on computers, is courting wireless operators to carry handsets customized to Google products, including its search engine, email and a new mobile Web browser, say people familiar with the plans. It wants to capture a big chunk of the fast-growing market for ads on cellphones. (...)

The long-rumored Google phones are still in the planning stages, and wouldn't be available to consumers until next year at the earliest, say people familiar with the idea. (...) The Google phone project goes far beyond Google's existing deals to include its search engine or applications such as Maps on select handsets (...).

Google's Grandiose Plans in the Mobile Space

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