Thursday, August 16, 2007

Personal Technology | Walt Mossberg: Apple’s iWork Package Is Elegant but Wimpy Compared With Office

 Timely reality check; see the full review for more details (no WSJ subscription required)

My verdict: iWork ‘08 is a nice product, capable of turning out sophisticated and attractive word-processing, presentation and spreadsheet documents. It can even read Microsoft Office documents, whether created on the Mac or on Windows computers, and can save documents in Microsoft Office formats so they can be opened in Office on the Mac or on Windows.

But iWork simply isn’t as powerful or versatile as Microsoft Office, especially when it comes to word processing and spreadsheets. And it suffers from a design that places far more emphasis on making documents look beautiful than on the nuts and bolts of the actual process of writing and number-crunching.

Personal Technology | Walt Mossberg | AllThingsD


Anonymous said...

iWork is just the latest version of Works, which is available in both MS and Apple versions. It's been around for years and has always been intended as a less bloated version of Office.

pbokelly said...

No it's not -- it's an entirely different product, from Apple; Works is a Microsoft product.

Unknown said...

I think that most people's "office"
type software needs will be adequately served by openoffice2.2.
It is completely free, has a word,excell and powepoint equivalent and includes an export to PDF option