Wednesday, October 06, 2004 - Excite Founders Form JotSpot To Promote Wikis Technology - Excite Founders Form JotSpot To Promote Wikis Technology "Two founders of Excite Inc., a star during the early years of the Internet, have joined a race to turn a grass-roots technology called wikis into a mainstream business tool.
Wikis are Web pages that users can write on as well as read. The concept, developed in the mid-1990s by programmer Ward Cunningham, has evolved as a way for work groups to create documents that can be updated continuously.
The popularity of wikis attracted Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer. The two men in 1993 helped to start Excite -- which was sold in 1999 to @Home Corp. -- and have now formed JotSpot, a start-up that hopes to make wikis easier to set up and to program. That way, companies can more quickly create simple Web-based software to handle chores such as tracking job applicants or customer calls, Mr. Kraus said."

Wiki-based apps -- I'm impressed with JotSpot's approach.
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