Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Transform Magazine - Oracle ECM: 'SharePoint on Steroids'

Transform Magazine - Oracle ECM: 'SharePoint on Steroids': "Oracle quickly confirmed the gist of Ovum's report, but it declined to discuss details of Tsunami's architecture or pricing. As part of Collaboration Suite, it's clear the product will be built on the company's database rather than a separate content repository managed by the database. This is the same model used by Microsoft in its SharePoint offering, but PelzShape described it as 'SharePoint on steroids.'
The approach of using a database rather than a dedicated repository was 'difficult to defend five years ago,' says Pelz-Sharpe, 'but with technology advances, today it stands up more vigorously to defense.' Tsunami will likely serve broad document and content management applications rather than specialized, high-end departmental needs. "
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