Thursday, October 21, 2004

Microsoft Unveils Next-Generation Real-Time Collaboration Client

Microsoft Unveils Next-Generation Real-Time Collaboration Client: "As the preferred client for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, 'Istanbul' will enhance the business user experience:
* Enhancing presence and real-time collaboration. With 'Istanbul,' presence becomes richer as additional availability data, including out-of-office information, is included. In addition, users are able to control their communications based on their presence.
* Improving usability. 'Istanbul' will help business users take advantage of advanced communications capabilities more easily by consolidating applications into a single interface including instant messaging, conferencing and traditional telephony.
* Member of the Microsoft Office System. With 'Istanbul' and Live Communications Server, presence and communications capabilities become a richer part of the Microsoft Office experience, including integration with Microsoft Office Live Meeting. End users will be able to initiate collaboration directly from their already familiar desktop applications."
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