Thursday, October 07, 2004

Andreessen: IE faces one-two punch | CNET

Andreessen: IE faces one-two punch | CNET "Claiming browser development has been at a standstill since 1998, Andreessen said the recent emergence of competitive software will force Microsoft to pay more attention to developing new features in IE.

However, competition could compel the company to use aggressive tactics to protect its Windows operating system monopoly, he warned. Microsoft's maneuvers against Netscape ensnared the software giant in a lengthy federal antitrust suit. Microsoft was found to have violated antitrust law, but was spared from a breakup of the company.
Andreessen said he doesn't expect Microsoft to change its way of doing things should it detect a threat from Safari and Firefox.
"If I were (Microsoft) I'd take another look, and I would see how I could screw with other people's businesses with this monopoly (I) have," he said."

This just in from the objective observer department...
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