Thursday, October 07, 2004

Barry Talks! : Why I'm Not Voting for Bush - I

Barry Talks! : Why I'm Not Voting for Bush - I "This is the first in a series outlining my reasons for not voting for the current administration. First things first: I am not a Democrat; I have voted Republican more times than not. I voted for Bush the elder in 1988 and 1992, and Bush the younger in 2000.
However, I believe the current administration is leaving the United States in a far worse position than when it found it. Tonight I will discuss what is the central issue in this election, Iraq; in subsequent posts I will describe how the President has violated his oath to protect and defend the Constitution; how he has slowed the pace of the economy and innovation; and how he has betrayed the founding principles of the Republican Party.
I believe this to be the most important election of my lifetime; that is why I am speaking out."

Barry Briggs shares some very timely and important insights.
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