Saturday, October 02, 2004

InfoWorld: Gates undaunted by Linux

InfoWorld: Gates undaunted by Linux "An audience member said that almost 50 percent of servers being purchased today are running Linux. But Gates disputed the figure. “It’s just not a right number,” Gates said. “Well over 50 percent of servers that are sold run Windows Server,” he said.
“First, start with the facts, then proceed from there,” Gates said, adding that Unix, not Windows, is being displaced by Linux.
“We do compete with Linux. The shift of Unix share to Linux has been dramatic,” he said. “[Linux will] wipe out a lot of the stuff that’s been out there down to very small numbers, [based] on current trends.” Windows and Linux will dominate market share, he said.
Unix, in faltering, has lacked the advantage that Windows has had in that it comes from one vendor and has one set of instructions, Gates said."
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