Monday, October 04, 2004

Kodak wins Java patent suit | CNET

Kodak wins Java patent suit | CNET "Eastman Kodak has won a controversial lawsuit in which it claimed Sun Microsystems had infringed several of its patents with its Java programming language.
A federal jury on Friday ruled in favor of Kodak, and the photography giant is now seeking damages of $1 billion from Sun.
The case has outraged some opponents of software patents, who claim it is a textbook example of why software should not be patentable.
Kodak's case centered on three patents that it bought from Wang Laboratories in 1997, several years after Java was created."

Meanwhile, on Jonathon Schwartz's blog today: "I believe in intellectual property. In my view, it's the foundation of world economies, and certainly the foundation upon which Sun Microsystems was built. Copyright, trademark, patent - I believe in them all. I also believe in innovation and competition - and that these beliefs are not mutually exclusive."
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