Monday, October 18, 2004 - Cisco and Microsoft to Cooperate On Computer-Security Issues - Cisco and Microsoft to Cooperate On Computer-Security Issues: "Cisco Systems Inc. and Microsoft Corp. said they would work together on computer-security issues, in an attempt to address concerns that the two high-tech giants were headed in different directions.
In the past year, Cisco, the dominant maker of computer-networking equipment, and Microsoft, whose software runs the vast majority of personal computers and many corporate computer servers, had each laid out strategies for protecting corporate networks from threats such as worms and viruses. Both approaches generally would require computers to be checked for viruses and antivirus software before they are allowed access to a corporate network.
But the two approaches differed in many technical details, including which machines would run the protective software. That prompted concerns from corporate tech managers, most of whom rely on both Cisco, San Jose, Calif., and Microsoft, Redmond, Wash."
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