Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Is There a Market for Foldable PCs? | Tech.pinions

So that's a definite maybe?...
"This is the first really new design in laptops since the 2 in 1’s were introduced 10 years ago. One cautionary note is that even today, 2 in 1’s are not big sellers and never became the big hit that Intel and Microsoft hoped they would be in the future.

A foldable PC may hit a nerve with some highly mobile workers who can afford them, but if history is our guide, they these new form factors may be more niche based products than ever gaining mainstream mobile computing status.

That said, the Lenovo foldable PC is so well designed that as the first major brand to bring one to the market, they could have a hit for themselves in two areas. First, they will be able to ride this great design towards securing themselves as one of the most innovative companies in the PC Business.

Second, if they put strong marketing behind it, their foldable PC could help set the tone for other PC makers to follow suit and create innovative designs of their own that might help popularize this new PC form factor."
Is There a Market for Foldable PCs? | Tech.pinions

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