Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Google Says It Has Found Religion on Privacy | NYT

Another perspective on Google's latest privacy campaign
"After the keynote speech, Google separately announced it would take steps to limit the use of tracking cookies on Chrome, the world’s most popular browser with about a 60 percent market share.

Cookies allow companies to monitor which websites people visit and what ads they have viewed or clicked on. They also are a way for a website to remember who you are so you don’t have to log in every time you visit. Cookies level the playing field for smaller companies in the digital advertising world — allowing them to collect information that helps refine ad targeting.

The announcement is another example of a privacy measure that will most likely have a bigger impact on Google’s competitors. The internet giant uses cookies but is not dependent on them. It already knows more valuable information such as what users search for, what videos they watch and what apps they’ve loaded on their phones."
Google Says It Has Found Religion on Privacy | NYT

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