Monday, July 02, 2018

Why LinkedIn wants to make original journalism -- The Drum

On a related note, from February: Facebook is taking a page from LinkedIn and expanding its job listings (Quartz)
"Having reached the point where more than a million posts, videos and articles are being shared on its platform every day, LinkedIn is now moving beyond merely hosting others’ work and is attempting to forge a surprising reputation of its own for original journalism.

The Microsoft-owned company, which started life as a social network for professionals 15 years ago, has been metamorphosing into an increasingly sophisticated publishing platform and is today home to a 50-strong and growing team of professional journalists spread across five continents.

Alumni of distinguished publishers such as Reuters, The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal, it is their job to sprinkle editorial credibility on top of the mountains of user-generated content – of varying degrees of quality – posted into LinkedIn news feeds every day by legions of ‘thought leaders’."
Why LinkedIn wants to make original journalism -- The Drum

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