Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Amazon Closes on Apple in the $1 Trillion Stakes -- Bloomberg

Tbd if Amazon and/or Apple will get there before Trump recession 1.0...
"Apple Inc. has had a lock on its spot as the world’s most valuable public company by stock value for several years, and we’ve been waiting for it to crest the $1 trillion market cap milestone. The company inched within $50 billion of that mark in early June before its share price retreated a bit. Apple’s trek to $1 trillion has been closely chronicled by news outlets, including this one, and it’s a good bet there are articles and essays prepped for what seems like an  inevitable moment for Apple.

Amazon, though, is coming up fast.

At the beginning of this year, Apple’s stock market value was 50 percent bigger than Amazon’s. Now the gap is about 10 percent. The spread between the two companies was about $85 billion as of Friday’s U.S. market close. That is a big but not insurmountable gap if Amazon keeps up its torrid stock gains. In 2018 alone, the value of Amazon’s shares has climbed $260 billion. Yes, Amazon has added the equivalent of Walmart’s total market cap in just six months."

Amazon Closes on Apple in the $1 Trillion Stakes  -- Bloomberg

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