Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Intel’s Toxic Culture -- Monday Note

From a stark Intel reality check
"Sharp-eyed readers will see that my psychologized exploration of Intel’s troubles (some of them, anyway; there are more) is but an alternative description of the x86 maker allowing itself to be disrupted because of its fixation on high margins. This is true. But I believe the emotional, cultural element is just as crucial. We see in other walks of life how annoying facts harden into counterfactual beliefs and paralyze us into inaction. Staying inside our tech world, we’ve seen how Microsoft’s OS licensing culture dismissed Android’s “free and open” model until it was too late. Indulge me and imagine a world where, in 2007, instead of yuk-yucking at Apple’s iPhone price, Microsoft had come out a week before the Android announcement and made their own offer: A free and open Windows Mobile OS.
As Peter Drucker reportedly said: Culture eats strategy for breakfast."
Intel’s Toxic Culture -- Monday Note

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