Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How Apple Could Deliver the “Next” Big Thing in Personal Computing -- Tech.pinions

If anyone from Apple reads this blog, please consider me an enthusiastic beta test candidate :)
"While other companies are working on similar AR apps and even glasses, Apple’s historical track record suggests they could be the one that defines and refines this “next” computing experience for the masses via AR, the iPhone, and AR or mixed reality glasses. Apple’s iPod was not the first MP3 player in the market, but it became the best and dominated this market for over ten years. Apple did not bring out the first smartphone, but the iPhone redefined what a smartphone should be, and Apple is a dominant player in smartphones that also brings in over 50% of all smartphone revenues. The iPad was not the first tablet, but it is still considered the best and brings in the most revenue of any tablet maker in the market today.

However, as Apple moves to deliver their “next” version of man-machine interfaces with smart glasses, they most likely will deviate from the competition in one significant way. Most vendors I talk to believe all of the intelligence for intelligent glasses needs to be integrated into the headset or glasses themselves. The problem is that this makes these glasses bulky and heavy and makes a person look like a dork.

I believe Apple’s strategy will have the iPhone serve as the CPU and brains behind these glasses and feed the data and AR content to what I call “skinny” glasses, which would be Apple’s “next” significant way they will drive the future of personal computing. By using a future iPhone designed and tuned to deliver rich AR content to a set of smart glasses wirelessly, Apple would allow their glasses to be light and most likely look like a regular pair of glasses. It will need special optics as well as a small battery, but all of the processing and content shared through the glasses will come from an iPhone." 
How Apple Could Deliver the “Next” Big Thing in Personal Computing -- Tech.pinions

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