Thursday, July 26, 2018

Segway’s whacky new roller shoes will cost $399 -- TechCrunch

Later in the article: "Oh, and they’ll come with a free helmet, because you’ll probably want to wear a helmet." See this Segway page for more details.
"Did you know Segway  is making a pair of self-balancing roller shoes? It is! The company has been tinkering with all sorts of new form factors since it was acquired by Ninebot in 2015, from half-sized Segways to kick scooters. Next up: inline… shoe… platform things.

Called the Segway Drift W1s, they sorta look like what would happen if you took a hoverboard (as in the trendy 2016 hoverboard-that-doesn’t-actually-hover “hover”board, not Marty McFly’s hoverboard), split it in two and plopped one half under each foot."
 Segway’s whacky new roller shoes will cost $399 -- TechCrunch

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