Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Where Is Jeff Weiner Taking LinkedIn? | Re/code

Probably not going to use "Workers of the world, unite!" as its next mission/motto

"He has a long-term vision, one he talks about often: To get every member of the global workforce — all three billion people — onto LinkedIn.

It’s an obvious goal in many ways; of course, LinkedIn wants as many users as possible, although Weiner would never frame it that way. In fact, he doesn’t frame anything in a way that might be construed as negative. He routinely uses the kinds of phrases you’d likely see on a resume, things like “initial addressable opportunity,” “operationalizing a vision,” and one of his favorites, “value propositions.”

So even though job-hunting is big business for LinkedIn — the site will have two million postings by the end of the year, and recruiting products bring in over 60 percent of the company’s revenue — it won’t be the only thing happening on LinkedIn next year."
Where Is Jeff Weiner Taking LinkedIn? | Re/code

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