Friday, December 12, 2014

Cisco's Networks Will Analyze Us -

Another example of focusing on "insights" and "analytics" ("connected analytics," in Cisco's case) instead of "big data;" perhaps the "big data" meme has run its course

"The Cisco announcement is part of a broader trend by mature tech companies to make new businesses by looking at the behavior of machines and people. Mr. Flannagan’s group, created as a part of Cisco’s services division just six months ago, already has 450 people.

Earlier Thursday, General Electric announced a deal with SoftBank of Japan to resell G.E.’s analytics product, called Predix. SoftBank was a particularly attractive partner to G.E. because it is a telecommunications service provider. If you are already shipping the bits, perhaps looking at them is a natural fit."
Cisco's Networks Will Analyze Us -

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