Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Truth Hidden by IBM’s Buybacks - NYTimes.com

A stark contrast to Apple's latest financial news, yesterday's dismal IBM news marks the abrupt end of the company's Palmisano-era strategy

"But all along, IBM has been buying up its own shares as if they were a hot item. Since 2000, IBM spent some $108 billion on its own shares, according to its most recent annual report. It also paid out $30 billion in dividends. To help finance this share-buying spree, IBM loaded up on debt.

While the company spent $138 billion on its shares and dividend payments, it spent just $59 billion on its own business through capital expenditures and $32 billion on acquisitions. (To be fair, Ms. Rometty has been following a goal set by her predecessor, Samuel J. Palmisano, to return $20 a share to stockholders by 2015. Ms. Rometty abandoned it only on Monday.)"
The Truth Hidden by IBM’s Buybacks - NYTimes.com

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