Thursday, October 09, 2014

Obama Had Security Fears on JPMorgan Data Breach -

Some scary signs of the cyber times
"But in the JPMorgan case, according to administration officials familiar with the briefings, who would not speak on the record about intelligence matters, no one could tell the president what he most wanted to know: What was the motive of the attack? “The question kept coming back, ‘Is this plain old theft, or is Putin retaliating?’ ” one senior official said, referring to the American-led sanctions on Russia. “And the answer was: ‘We don’t know for sure.’ ”"
Final paragraph:
"The scale of the intrusion and the fact it went undetected for about three weeks has led some to question whether JPMorgan, which has offices around the world and more than 260,000 employees, is “too big to secure.”"
Obama Had Security Fears on JPMorgan Data Breach -

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