Thursday, December 05, 2013

Why Jeff Bezos's Drone Is More Than a Joke -

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"Though Mr. Bezos has no idea when drone delivery will become operational—the plan is blocked by U.S. regulation and is both technologically and economically questionable—his unveiling of the project on "60 Minutes" Sunday carried three important public-relations payloads for the firm.
First, the plan got everyone talking about Amazon and its Prime subscription service right at the start of the holiday shopping season—even, I'm sorry, this columnist. Next, it gave investors a taste of the scope of Amazon's investment plans, forestalling any expectation that the company plans to begin making big money soon. And it cemented Mr. Bezos's image as the biggest thinker in tech, a guy who won't let little things like "illegal," "implausible" and "kind of silly" stop him from considering better ways to deliver your toothpaste."
Why Jeff Bezos's Drone Is More Than a Joke -

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