Friday, December 06, 2013

Microsoft Takes Action Against Alleged Ad-Fraud 'Botnet' ZeroAccess -

A never-ending battle
""These aren't just kids operating in their parent's basement," said Steve Sullivan, vice president of advertising technology at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, or IAB, an industry group, speaking about digital ad fraud. "What we have here are organized crime groups in foreign countries targeting the ad world."
With fraud becoming more sophisticated, the ad industry has started to fight back. While some companies hire outside security experts, many of the major players in the industry have their own security forces. The ad exchange AppNexus more than doubled its investigations unit in the past year. Google Inc.'s DoubleClick, one of the industry's largest exchanges, employs a geek squad of more than 100 quants, engineers, and Ph.D.s just for security purposes."
Microsoft Takes Action Against Alleged Ad-Fraud 'Botnet' ZeroAccess -

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