Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX: A tablet apart | Ars Technica

Lead paragraphs of another net-positive Kindle Fire HDX review
"Amazon has never been one to shy away from forging its own path. Founded in an era that’s as well known for failed businesses as it is for successful ones, Amazon cleared a way for online retail dominance and became a leader in e-books and Web services and a quiet underdog in the digital distribution of music and video. And no single product gives consumers better access to all the company has to offer than the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX.
Amazon has been moving away from the event-based product launch—the latest updates to the Kindle Fire were announced through targeted media interviews and a relatively quiet marketing approach, despite this being the Kindle's largest departure from, and greatest improvement over, the preceding models. Having missed the marketing mark ingloriously in the past, can Amazon compete where others have failed—against the Nexus 7 in value and the iPad in user experience? Let’s find out."
The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX: A tablet apart | Ars Technica

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