Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hadoop and Big Data, "Stratafied" | ZDNet

Check the full article for a summary of some key themes from the just-completed Strata/Hadoop World NYC event. I'll add a fifth theme: the incredible and disruptive (e.g., to traditional independent software vendors) power of the open source community in all things big data
"Today was the last day of Strata/Hadoop World in NYC, a show that just keeps growing.  If I gathered up all of the emails, press releases and briefing notes related to the event this year, I'd probably need a Hadoop cluster to chug through it.  Writing a post per news item would be impossible.  In fact, even a news roundup would likely end up being a laundry list of announcements, and I'm betting it would be pretty tedious to read.
Far more valuable, and hopefully not too pretentious, would be to synthesize what I've heard, read and seen into a short list of trends that came out of the show and, in some ways, sum up where the analytics industry is right now.  So here goes...Strata/Hadoop World NYC four simple themes."
Hadoop and Big Data, "Stratafied" | ZDNet

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