Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Teradata Brings Graph Analysis To SQL | Big Data [InformationWeek]

Perhaps now "NoSQL" => New Opportunities for SQL?...
""Hadoop is a great technology, but it requires different engines that don't talk to each other and that require different languages," Teradata product and services marketing manager Chris Twogood told InformationWeek in a phone interview. "With the Snap Framework, we're the first in the industry to deliver an integrated process for discovery."
Teradata isn't alone in promoting SQL as a friendlier route to big data analysis. Speaking at Oracle Open World last month, Oracle executive Andy Mendelsohn dismissed Hadoop as "primitive and batch oriented" and demonstrated a comparison of a seconds-long SQL analysis to a long-running MapReduce job that required 600 lines of code. There was no mention of SQL-on-Hadoop options and no detail on the variability and volume of the data used in the demo analysis."
Teradata Brings Graph Analysis To SQL | Big Data

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