Friday, October 18, 2013

Google Tops Estimates, but Prices of Ads Slide -

Three screens and an ad
"“For years, everyone talked about the multiscreen world. Now it’s arrived, and on a scale few imagined,” said Larry Page, Google’s chief executive. Most consumers have more than one device, he said, and devices for people’s homes and bodies, like glasses and watches, will proliferate. The mention of watches was particularly intriguing because while Google has explored building a watch, it has not publicly announced one.
People activate 1.5 million Android devices a day and Google introduced its first Motorola phone, the Moto X. It has been encouraging advertisers to transition to mobile, like requiring them to buy mobile ads when they buy desktop ones, known as enhanced campaigns, and introducing new tools like one to track consumers across devices and tell marketers whether a consumer makes a purchase on a computer after researching an item on a phone."
Google Tops Estimates, but Prices of Ads Slide -

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