Saturday, November 17, 2012

Excel Blog - Excel Surveys

An Excel + Skydrive scenario – interesting that everything except step 5 below can be done for free with SkyDrive + Excel Web App (used in the image below); for more SkyDrive news, see  Announcing new .NET and Windows Phone SDKs for SkyDrive, plus IFTTT, DocuSign and SoundGecko integrations (Inside SkyDrive)

“To recap:

  1. Create surveys directly in Web Excel, with results stored inside a table in the workbook.
  2. Share your survey with anyone – no Microsoft Account required.
  3. Your surveys will always look sleek, modern, and professional.
  4. See survey responses added to the workbook in real time.
  5. Use the full power of Excel on the desktop to analyze and chart your new data once it’s all there.”

Results start appearing in Excel

Excel Blog - Excel Surveys

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