Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dropbox Becomes a 'Feature' for 100 Million People - Businessweek

Dropbox differentiation as it hits a major milestone -- although the competitive-closed-ecosystem theme would play better if, e.g., Amazon, Google, and Microsoft didn't support a wide range of client OS platforms for their respective cloud storage/sharing services
"The new strategy will put Dropbox in direct conflict with Box, its similarly named competitor that has gone after businesses before pursuing consumers. Dropbox also faces plenty of competition from the various online storage products offered by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Microsoft, in particular, has just launched its file-syncing offensive via Windows 8, which rather vigorously encourages people on PCs, tablets, and smartphones to store their files in SkyDrive.
No matter, says Houston. “All of those companies have the same problem,” he says. “They want to put all your life into their ecosystem. It’s more and more places where all of your stuff can get stuck.”
Ah, the Switzerland Gambit. Well played, Houston. Well played."
Dropbox Becomes a 'Feature' for 100 Million People - Businessweek

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