Sunday, November 18, 2012

Big Data News of the Week: BYOD - Forbes

Excerpt from a weekly round-up of big data developments
"One way to find and experiment with data while avoiding politics and addressing resource availability is to create and participate in a big data Petri dish. A case in point is the recently-opened Hack/Reduce, a non-profit in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offering space and computing resources to individuals and organizations interested in developing big data applications.
About 100 big data enthusiasts were expected today at the Hack/Reduce kickoff hackathon. Participants were encouraged to BYOD or bring their own data, co-founder Frederic Lalonde told Xconomy’s Gregory T.  Huang.  “If they work for a company or organization that has a public dataset,” said Lalonde, “the best thing they can do is come in and make that available to the community.”"
Big Data News of the Week: BYOD - Forbes

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