Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google+ Gets a Leg Up on Facebook -

Concluding paragraphs of a David Pogue Google+ review

But Google calls Google+ a project, and that’s just what it is, an unapologetic beginning. It’s online, so Google can and will constantly fine-tune it, add features and beef up the help mechanisms.

Until now, Facebook and Twitter have been the Dominant Duo of social networking. But Google’s less sprawling, more video-centric, better-controlled new service is already too good to ignore. Now it’s the Dominant Duo ...+1.

I agree with Hiawatha Bray re Twitter, so I think there will still be a “Dominant Duo” in social networking, with Facebook and Google+; Twitter is likely to follow a Myspace trajectory (along with, I expect, a large percentage of personal blogs currently hosted by services such as Blogger and WordPress)

Google+ Gets a Leg Up on Facebook -

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