Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nice timing: Facebook debuts “Facebook for Business” [GigaOM]

Competition is the consumer’s friend

[…] The company is billing the new webpage, found at, as an “online education center” that gives directions on such things as how to set up a profile page, create targeted ads and deals, and interact with customer feedback online.

The timing is interesting, as it comes just a week after Google began shutting off all company profiles on its Google+ social network.


The timing of these events could certainly be coincidental, but it does look like Facebook is taking Google’s recent entry into the social networking landscape seriously — and is increasing its feature updates and user satisfaction initiatives in turn. The new competition may be stressful for Zuckerberg and company, but ultimately it’s great for consumers if both Google and Facebook continue to bring their A-games.

Nice timing: Facebook debuts “Facebook for Business” — Tech News and Analysis

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