Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chairman: Google should have gone social earlier -

There’s an implicit and fundamental assertion in this Google positioning, insinuating that Facebook will somehow not be sufficiently open/fair/etc. with identity, authentication, authorization, ranking, etc. services, and I’m not seeing evidence to support that assertion.   While Eric Schmidt et al would like Facebook to make its full social graph accessible as a public service, for example, I think Facebook is right to assume people are, by default, unwilling to share their social networks outside of Facebook, at this point.

"Fundamentally, what Facebook has done is built a way to figure out who people are. That system is missing in the internet as a whole. Google should have worked on this earlier," Schmidt, now the executive chairman of Google, said in an interview with CNN.

"I think that's the area where I would have put more resources, developing these identity services and ranking systems that go along with that. That would have made a big difference for the internet as a whole."

Chairman: Google should have gone social earlier -

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