Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia to Use Microsoft Software in Smartphones -

More Nokia/Microsoft details

Mr. Elop described the relationship with Microsoft as a broad strategic alliance that would extend beyond using Microsoft Phone software on Nokia smartphones. Nokia’s mapping software, Nokia Maps, will also be used in the Microsoft Bing search engine, Mr. Elop said. Nokia’s Ovi software services business, a major effort by the company to match Apple, will disappear and become part of Microsoft’s Marketplace application and services platform.

Nokia’s one-year collaboration with the chip maker Intel, called MeeGo, to produce a new generation of Nokia smartphones, will become a long-term open-source project designed to develop new kinds of devices, Mr. Elop said. The collaboration failed to produce a cellphone in its first year. Mr. Elop said Nokia planned to introduce a MeeGo model this year.

In a related development, Mr. Elop announced the departure of Alberto Torres, a Nokia board member and the executive vice president responsible for MeeGo.

Nokia to Use Microsoft Software in Smartphones -

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